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Prosecutors have said that the boy, now identified as Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, 3, died in a religious ritual because his father thought he was possessed by demons. [...]
Fri, Aug 17, 2018
Source Reueters
Environmental groups push back on the Interior secretary's claim that they are to blame [...]
Thu, Aug 16, 2018
Source Reueters
In a separate case the U.S. Attorney's Office alleges supervisory border inspector Harvey Booker strangled a man at San Diego's main port of entry. [...]
Thu, Aug 16, 2018
Source Reueters
One of Hans Keirstead's opponents in the race was Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who is known for his support of President Vladimir Putin. [...]
Thu, Aug 16, 2018
Source Reueters

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