July 25, 2014

Redskins right to pay steep price for chance to add RG3


(PhatzRadio / ) — Matt Bowen played safety in the NFL from 2000 to 2006 and now writes for the Post and here:

The Washington Redskins are paying premium to put themselves in a position to draft quarterback III, agreeing to surrender their first (No.6 overall) and second round picks this year and two future first round selections (2013, 2014) to the St. Louis Rams in return for the No. 2 overall selection this year.

I can’t sit here and try to argue that the Redskins and owner Dan Snyder didn’t overpay. We can all see that for ourselves. This club just mortgaged its future to move up four spots in the draft.

However, can we really blame them?

The Redskins are desperate at the position. And outside of making a play for free agent Peyton Manning, getting a deal done to target Griffin is the .

I’m not an NFL scout, but I have seen enough of Griffin last season to know that he has tremendous upside. And as I wrote last week, I would love to coach the quarterback. With his unique skill set, there are endless possibilities from a play calling and .

Plus, with the Redskins and Shanahan, the team can draft a quarterback they can develop. Think technique, , etc. That sells when you have the opportunity to work with young talent.

There is no question the Redskins paid a steep price to get this deal done. However, you can’t win in today’s NFL without production from the on a . In this case, Snyder made a move to ensure they can draft a player to build around and win with in the future.

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